38. Peters, George A. : Journal of the American Medical As-
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many recent cases of conjunctivitis successfully with local ap-
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The supposition that the maladie du coii has been trans-
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the douche twice a day, at first, perhaps, with a solution of
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anthrax fever, gloss-anthrax, and anthrax with tumour. Anthrax
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Glanders may occur under at least four forms, namely, acute
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increasing as long as they caused no ill effects. After
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culosis pure air is as essential as anything else, goes
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with this. It is applied like an ointment, or spread on
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instances m which .' has ,een in the tubes for some time
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His malady is one of the rarest in the world, less than forty
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do better to avoid the nasal douche and to substitute
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pains did not reappear, but the other knee required the same
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importance, and its ultimate solution depends on other
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and more to the opinions which have always maintained their
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twenty-one years ago, and has been its editor since, died at
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It may be mentioned that every specimen emitted a more or
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soils. On tirpoint Mi W^pT'T' °" ^''^'^ *^'-^ «- Poor
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tunate result, however, can only be looked upon as very
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or abscesses in tlie lungs. Another termination is the formation
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crusts had been made during the two weeks preceding. The
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those parts of the body where they cannot endanger hfe,it is far
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local manifestations and be so treated. I am glad to see that
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to the historical traditions of which the building is a
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friable, and enlarged ; the liver, spleen, and kidneys are vari-
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goiter and but few of cretinism. In a case of cretinism treated
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to pressure, and a certain degree of fulness. There may be a
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mounted by the crank wheel are provided, at their lower
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It is well known that a practice prevails in many parts of the
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says: "Many widows who have had gonorrhea from the first
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person, nude from below the shoulders to mid-thigh. .Sucli
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gentleman, whose name is at present withheld, has donated a
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Engineer agrees to receive, aa full cotipeacatica for services
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hours later the pulse-rate was 140 and I gave, by hypodermo-
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ficient to entirely obstruct the urinary stream h„f it
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were moderatelv swollen. She was ordered to thoroughly soak