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proper prosecution and completion of the Project; and that

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which he has himself operated. He offers the following sug-

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days, often followed by tenesmus. Gastric symptoms, such a-

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louiid. 1 hey are very common in horses which have died of

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tracheotomy, and the passage of fluids or solids from the fauces

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otitis media, some relief can be given by modern treat-

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E. Flanders, D. C. Hawley, P. E. McSweeney and O. W. Peek;

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of the province of Quebtc. It provides for the erection of a

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found the serum of the blood distinctly alkaline in thirty-five

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They consist of a caseous material, mixed with a calcareous

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quently takes the form of ascites, while the latter

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by Professor Brown is very convenient and handy, and is specially

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going on board ship. As soon as there has been a thorough

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(0ays before such change is to become effective. If :|or any

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1857. who was struck by a train at West Union. Ind.. February

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and through the Housing and Home Finance Administrator, pur-

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clear up an otherwise doubtful case. Spontaneous relief and

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ease which the late Mr. Haycock termed hysteria.— (See Azotiiria

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to be presumed that vital statistics are kept more care-

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local grants-in-aid to the Project, the City v^ill, upon demand

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:i->3.o cc:2£-v3 diito tbo area* Tho Pro^cc^ Iccludso tJlircd za^iia

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substitutes which have been put forward for railway and

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In contrasting this disease with that of glanders, the authors

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through the skin, about an inch from the tail point, and another about

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early, as it is essential that the horse be enabled to breathe

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III. Actions Which Should Be Recommended To The LPA .

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