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condition. Several instances of this kind have come under my
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" (2.) That it is especially fatal in old people and young
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hard and full, soon becomes rapid and indistinct— fulness
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for the electric launches on the Grand Canal. In addition to
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decided to appoint corresponding associates in all the import-
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a distinguished Boston clinician. There is positive evidence of
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for a long ffme hold m ^W h T'' ^''^ ^'^*« ^-^«««- ^^i^^k
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acute rheumatism an increase was found varying from 4 to 24 ;
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power of causing the removal of the exudate, and it was conse-
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rom tbe eyes. Tins epizooT ' L" '^''^^^'^ ^^"' ^^""''ion
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given very sparingly until rumination Las been fully re-
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Th§ future volumes are classified as to total daily traffic flow,
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In order to prevent the dissemination of food which might
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lages, and other places where no sewers exist, the air only may
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conclusive proof we have that the whole proposition is
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monlh of treatment he reportd that he had not fainted
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1 By "spontaneous origin" is meant that u disease which may become
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condition ; and wounds of the lieart are sometimes followed by
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cases, but at some time he would be sure to overlook it and
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work favorably in influenzal pneumonia and in the pneumo-
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Now and then cases will be marked by extreme prostration of
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jnoblem of an engine — the heart — driving a weight of blood
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preparation, because it is non-irritating and is very effective
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death follows, amid all the indications of septic poisoning. —
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possess the same refraction as would a previously em-
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tissues. Some cases may die from the empoisoned condition
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The second sound is undoubtedly due to the sudden closure
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As a rule the inflammation in pleuro-pneumonia contagiosa "is
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salivary secretions, but by a chemical change, through which the
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Miairhl.r nf tin imM ■ Ml' fill' laHcr ami tile inner cylinder
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interesting one. We need not, however, look into the
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forms a surgical operation and of every physician who advises
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terin, but upon that of amylon. a substance resembling
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Bake pcriodlo visits to the sito to keep Informed as to all
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reporting to the commanding general. Department of t^alifornia.
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examinations with the normal. In an affection of the tube,
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due to corneal curvature, 13 D. ; for axial myopia, 26