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these cases. I have one man who has been under my care sinei'
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gross floor area of a building to the total area of the dis-
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Dr. G. L. Richards, Fall River. Mass. — I can appreciate
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(:j,,vif.' including limited access expressways, surface arterial
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|ith respect to such plans and specifications made byBRA at any
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3. Height: not to be less than 45' or more than 75' above
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blamed for it, but if there is no standard, he can lay the blame
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lab3Tinth and thus affecting the pressure of the endo-
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increased in quantity. In rapid emaciation, more especially
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3. Height: not to be less than 65' or more than 85'
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and If T f ''' '' '^'''''' ""''' '' ^ «^'S^^ '^''^'■' '^''^ttle, horses,
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tity, being 65.2 per cent, of the inorganic salts. From
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reimbursement ratio for such purposes) BRA will determine whether
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there is usually t^vstitis with later pyelonephritis. If due tn
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being brought ,„t„ full play, this distinguishes it £^11 e
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adequacy of the gastric or gastro-intestinal causes is con-
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without difficulty; indeed, incontinence is not uncommon, espe-
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with the conditions present. Many persons have been bitten,
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As much as thirty grains three times a day may be sufficient,
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disease of the mare, but further experience led me to conclude
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Board are aiiiiounc". d : Dr. Sanmel V. Kin^', Sherman ; Dr.
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hematuria or renal colic. A large movable kidney lay in the
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and drninago of stables ; to food and water contaminated with
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cocci and streptococci, as well as the bacilli of Pfeiffer.
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creased liability to infection, and the parts should be sterilized
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stroyed by chronic inflammation, after the function of
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poisoning which follow are less marked, and are quite absent
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influences are those peculiar to certain districts, and result from
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acid or iodine. Nitrate of silver in solution may be directly
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supreme passion in man ? What is tlic one supreme pas-
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may be given in cold water t^^ 1 fr^'^""*^ ^^ ^°^"^o»ia.
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These parcels shall be devoted to surface parking or open
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Dr. D. D. Eads, dressed the wound regularly until it
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portant aid in disseminating among the people correct ideas
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tion of the rectus muscle, and should pass under the anterior
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cesspools and the privies common to several houses, gradually
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IS localised in some part on the exterior, but whether it occasions
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assimilation of the nitrogenous compounds; and CM) Salines,
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plexity of man's architecture and the different and ever-
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systematic attempt has been made to organize local societies
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|iroduce marked effects. I have found also that it produces
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erysipelatous patch. A wad of cotton dipped in alcohol is