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or salivary glands. Neither wag there constipation of the
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ville, Tenn., was struck by a falling telephone pole and killed
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physician or local health officer ; that village boards of health
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middle ear disease. He considers it is fever of the sthenic type
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controls, or restrictions applicable to any part of the Project
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Friedmann has succeeded in transmitting tuberculous infec-
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The curative treatment consists in draining the dis-
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have anticipated, those from the inhalation of nitrous
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of connecting lines, etc., and make sleeping-ear reservations
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Meyer. — The advantages of local application of alcohol have
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He remarks that a precipitate generally forms and the stain
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albumin on the one hand and of egg and plant albumin
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point Dr. Parkes makv.o the following observations : — " It must
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muscles of a imralytic limh moce well midcr the influence of the
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animals recover where one lung only, is diseased ; and that the
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soft, and w^k ; b^athing very slightly acceltti ' " '''"'''
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importantly. Causeway v;ili provido aconnoction botwcon
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a complete education of the adult public is impossible, but he
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there may be irregularity in its tone, volume, &c. For examp e,
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I found an enlargement the size and shape of a small
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the chyle— that is to say, chyle imperfectly developed, contain-
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ajid that construction thereof be commenced promptly upon con-
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tected. Reading Tolstoi's "Ivan Ilyitch" will give one a
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The same authority says that the constitutional symptoms,
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by the formation of a cecal colostomy with a valvular openins;
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and tone ; but in order that this may prove effectual, the animal
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of the skin by warmth, friction, and by the administration of
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eventually succumbs, not so much from destruction of lung
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Various opinions are held as to the constitution of cells. Some
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scopically the condition is recognizable from the pe-
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in women, and the greater the improvements in bacteriology,
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P ocet For s Ir '7' '. "'' ^"""^"^'^ ^" ^^^ inflammatory
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j'lass ring by means of a thin layer of pure olive oil. The
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round, clean and surrounded by a few powder-burn marks. The
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The 2^ost mortem examination shows thn+ ihese flat abscesses
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out that, first or last, one resorts to amputation of a part of
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linseed oil with lime water, has proved serviceable in the practice