of the back. In this manner, the reflex excitability or excito-

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acter of alcohol and its influence on the nervous system

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quarter and shoulder, the head at the same time being properly

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ueatfi of the animal is due to a soluble poison-Sepsin— whicli

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Existing nur,ber of vehicle trips to and fra^i the area -

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24, 1900. Same technique as above, except mucosa was denuded

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way location layout line to the southeasterly corner of the

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complexes. Congr^s Frangais de Chirurgie, 1895, pp. 546-552.

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With this method we can absolutely detect or exclude all

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Sfon'nf ; ''" '' T""'^'^ ^^ ^^°^^^* P"^8^"- ^"d the dry con-

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Cleveland; William Judkins and A. Ravogli, of Cincinnati;

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56. Bacterial Poisoning in the Lower Organisms. —

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its physical properties by the inflammatory state, and which

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bone conduction for the lower sounds; then a decided lack of

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sal ammoniac, carbonate of ammonia, and many other substances,

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is due to its failure to produce precipitates with proteids.

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temperature is increased. In other cases the respiratory move-

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relation between the seizures and the use of alcohol

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its sight and consciousness in a short time. Four, five, six, or

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fed the sheep came off the hill better in spring, although cattle

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is 1.5 cm. wide, and weighs 100 gm. It is held with the wrist

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three days, when the coma, generally not deep, comes om Tl l

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istic lesions were discovered on opening the abdominal cavity.

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be practically the same. And, if called upon to say in

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E. E. Kolor. 381 West ISth St.. to 55 Fisk St.. Chicago, 111.

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** Earlier in the text it was assumed that all visitors would

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employed in all cases marked with rapidity or distressful

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■exists by the dissimulation of albuminoids — and as

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large. Further, in cytophysics and cytochemistry, re-

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A special feature in the onset of a great number of

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membrane; and 2, that by titrating the solution and

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valescent, when it rose to 1026-7, wliiuh standard was not

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the Ontario Board of Health, estimates the birth-rate last year