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right manner, as detailed before the Associ.\Tioy two
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infiltration from pelvis to cortex in narrow rays surrounded by
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once estabhshed, carries (.ir the animal in despite of uU remedies.
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generally be fluid in both knees, probably more on the right
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bodies— the nucleoli; offers greater resistance to chemical re-
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on a certain number of the animals inoculated; extensive Tnd
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surprise they found that they suffered to as great a
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bed of straw, place the patient on it, and see that it is carefully
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organ of the Mexican Surgical Snciet.v, and will be published
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Centraiblatt f. Gyn. (Leipsic). February 16 and 23.
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Jarge scale, in order f 1^ tl f d ^ "''^ ^ ''P'^^^^^^
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present and a few purulent foci in cortex ; capsule strips
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Treatment.~The cause or causes being removed it will bP
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material. In degeneration, however, the structure of the part is
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tions. From its treasures, Mr. Macnamara selected the "un-
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the action of the air, it ^^-^''^^^'^^^'Zch had yielded that of
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diminished elimination, consequent on over-stimulation
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event, seems opposed to the idea, of multiplication, which
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they cease to perform their functions, diuretics, and more parti-
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next stage, which I have mentioned, either lying down and
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palpation I could not detect any crepitus nor signs of extrava-
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a considerable number of authorities, yet not a single
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originated in the southwestern section of the United
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" I have noticed that in such cases as where the exudate makes its
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sixty up to eighty per minute — during some seasons eighty has
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former decision of the War Department is cited to the effect
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Eoaring being due to a progressive disease, it is necessary that
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of tall buildings is based upon an overall area effect
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by any other method except wearing rubber gloves. It is im-
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> '■ '• • ;■. ■.•;•: .. •■■■
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a prolonged attack of rheumatism in a M-eakly made, narrow
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the development and the spread of the scourge. Atten-
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Eclipse Blindness with Thrombosis of the Betinal Artery
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man, it has been communicated by inoculation to the lower
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4. Defective secretion, either from an organ or a secretory sur-
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si.vth years of age, and paralysis, with or without fever, lu-tiiig
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out for disease that might be transmitted to us. Prob-