On a watch-glass resting on white paper, place a few
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stomachs, it is obvious that any possible error must be
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(c) BRA shall be named as one of the obligees of any
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of all kinds. If the causes be removed— the animals properly
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existence of Pleuro amongst American Cattle imported into this
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sectarian. The following staff is announced: Internal medi-
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appetite, and removing the acidity — pyrosis or " heartburn "
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nto 2*7;-- --l^^- A malignant, virulent, or confh . Zm
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astigmatism certainly the most accurate, after the de-
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of difccnt specie, „dtnt.„r XT' ^T °''° '° "''"*
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operations described by Bertrandi. including that for extra
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this by no means exhausts the list. The American cases
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4, Setback: no setback permitted along full frontage
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Bowlby, A. A. : Injuries of Nerves, Lancet, 1887, 1, 863, 922 :
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ment is better than we have reason at this time to believe.
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health oflieer. Dr. Hubert F. Andrews, has been instructed to
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again the mental acumion of the investigator to assign
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mouth, and t ?o La L'o^^ '^'''''' ^^^'^^^ion of tongue and
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which is a modification of his old method, as follows: In the
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cation or hemostasis; the testicle is transposed. A transverse
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608,488. Amalgam squeezing machine. James V. Coleman, San
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(iiherence being that in its purity the blowing sound-the
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other condition are cor nter irritants benefit x], and in this, care
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tojily accomplished on the anesthetized animal. The
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and St. Mary's hospitals. It is hoped that the management
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In some animals IVom an affected herd it has beei^ noticed
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is but little altered during the respiratory movements. An animal
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The volume of the pulse may be greater than usual, m which
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disease, and vice versa." I must, however, difter from the above-
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Richardson, who injected lactic acid into tlie peritoneal cavity
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with the animal inoculated ; in the guinea-pig they are numerous,
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Mobile had not actually recognized Limon as infected, she
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form consisting of agglomerated sporoblasts ; the last
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" The excess of effete matters in the blood evidently favours
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the lower animals, as it may induce a vesicular eruption in the
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in perfect view unless in very obese patients, while the oper-
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vjill serve as an important link to the improved and relocated
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grasping the muscular fibers and drawing them out from the
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Diseases of the larynx or trachea, by diminishing their calibre,
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lower sound limits. In spongifying of the labyrinth there i.s
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beneath the integviment, cause inflammation and render
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the mutual covenants herein contained and for other good and
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by blood affections, as purpura, azoturia, and scarlatina.