M. Sig.: Use as an injection four times a day. The solu-
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of universities and state medical societies sent delegates ;
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Ro.vale de Medecine de Belgique oilers a number of prizes open
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use of such small quantities mice often remain quite well, but
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This disease seems to have first attracted notice in 1787, the
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such an environment as to induce good health in them-
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there is any obstniction to the excretion of degraded tissue;
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anemia in various organs, the animals dying of pernicious ane-
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aggravates all these symptoms ; the pidse, which may at first be
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It is quite generally the custom to conduct sewage to the
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lates (hat the physicians and surgeons of Paris besought King
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such as feeding on milk or on flesh entirely ; creosote, opium,
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The impulse of the heart is temj)orarily increased by any cause
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inoculations. Vaccination is therefore merely an attenuated
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renung. tlie presence of an immoveable tumour in tlie trachea
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acuity and generalization of the process, and its super-
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harmonious relation to the state organization, and this in turn
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be yellow. Emaciation now proceeds more or less rapidly ; the
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