possible, if we grasp the situation and apply ourselves.
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nerve, even of an antagonistic group, may restore function to
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The acute forms are to be treated antiphlogistically ; blood
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Considerations of Treatment of Placenta Previa." He re-
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affected in such a manner that walking is difficult or
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deaths and violence 24. On the basis of the first sixteen
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Hig from extravasation of blood into the areolar tissue, and from
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slight engorgement of the submaxillary glands. The circulation,
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perature, with special reference to the effect of the depression
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is, pathologists are not agreed u^. >n, some asserting that it is
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bed," but for the want of a better, and as it is now a generic
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some cases are attended by atrocious itching. In a con-
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nition of furuncles, foreign bodies or the presence of
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if a horse dies in a week or two after purchase, an attempt is
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cluded those cases whore the sinus disease predominated,
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California ; Feb. 24-March 2, Los Angeles. 5 cases ; Oakland.
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observed fact that yeast will not propagate in well-
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processes may well be supplemented by physiologic tests. He
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buccal mucous membranes, and occasionally on the conjunctivie.
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this prevented the growth and development of speech centers.
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tion and function, each individual cell being in itself an inde-
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In other instances, extreme lameness may anneai° in 1 r /
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gooseberry jelly : in a word, has lost its vital and exciting pro-
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figures, of the separate volumes used. This is due to
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of ten drops of oil of geranium to each ounce of benzene. In
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Amyloid degeneration is generally widely diffused, so much
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moval of adenoid vegetations whenever they are of suf-