immediately falls to the bottom of the tube. In the

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the fluid extract in five-drop doses several times a day.

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liere continue after the nuclear affection has disappeared.

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The pathologic changes have been studied, especially

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plicated bj' diminished influx. If the disturbance has once taken

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tissue cells can be seen. Even the extremely resistant cartilage

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Deficiency of water in the blood is witnessed in super-purga-

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31. Duplay. S. : Du traitement chirurgical de I'exstrophie de la

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February 11, 1899. Same technique as in previous experiment,

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of the intestinal glands with those occurring in the typhoid

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from its base with the knife or scissors. Bleeding is

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tion to loss of voluntary power in the hind limbs, the abdominal

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These crystals are soluble in nitric acid without effervescence

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that during the year forty-five cases of smallpox were treated

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tuberculosis or extensive involvement of glands coexist. Bur-

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ophthalmology and otology, and Drs. Ewing Brown. Fred

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