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for 1 personally know of cases that have been reported as
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the subpleural parts still pervious. My experience leads me to
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always present ; but in the country districts they only now and
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the kidneys, such an amount of urea and other effete urinary
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J. M. Greene. 1014 West Chestnut St., Louisville, Ky., to 740
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near Santa Rosa in exchange for an alleged practice in that
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Treatment. — The indications for treatment are the removal
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occurring at the end of a certain number of beats, or it may be
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.any employment or contract or change thereof referred to in sub-
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plantar nerves of the left foot, which, for a time, closely
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may '/i,c 2°, or even 3°, in from thirty-six to forty-eight hours after
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activity; capable of inducing more pronounced and perfect
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predisposed to disease ZnnV " '^ ""' ^"^^^ '-^^'^ "^^^^
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we find that suppurations have a greater tendency to the dis-
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stances—had found a congenial soil to develop virulent pro-
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more readily understand that when an animal is constantly fed
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blood and the functions of the lungs cease first-the circulation
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est degree of differentiation is reached. It is this recog-
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fore the injection of cocain. It also reduces the frequency of
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attendant to a great variety of conditions. He is inclined to
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and interlobular emphysema may be induced. Various other
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investigators all over the world should fail to discover
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suture. As the last suture was applied the final cut was made
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to the square space causes an increased general and special
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movement over all parts posterior to the seat of inflammation ;
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congestive paroxysms are not at all infrequent during the pro-
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tlie body being cold, they have become pulseless, and died in
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night, pain is usually absent, the clot usually precedes a free
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jections to vaccination shall have the option of eieclining to be
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slaughter and bury all animals affected with the plague, as well