north or north-east." If this theory were true — if epizootic dis-
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hem as peculiar modifications of adventitious roots, m which
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in the thoracic cavity; distension of the guttural pouches-
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record, more valuable facts of the history will often be
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sis, brought to the attention of physicians by Talma,
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roborative of the answers to the questions submitted by the
vessels renders them unfit for their function; thev los^ther
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perature of the surface of the body and extremities is very
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the bleeding vessel, and closed the wound, which healed
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this operation as carefully and thoroughly as for any other, and
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the true ones. The thickening, as could be seen, extended down
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the sick in that state. Osteopathy, however, is a Mis-
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upon their xnutlu and ZrZ "f ^ V '^ ^-'^^^'"osis, both
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as the ear is moved upwards along the thoracic walls. Now
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be more clearly understood. Without this withdrawal from the
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or twelve grains in twenty-four hours, which is a poisonous
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partial paralysis of hind extremities ; some of the animals would
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course terminates in recovery. Whilst the moutli'is very sore,
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clomiphene (klohm-uh-feen) (clomid serophene)
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be ascribed largely if not entirely to the chaos engen-
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that they are ever the cause of this disease. The patholo^rical
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Moor's formula of oxalate of urea can not be recognized by
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claims to be able to diagnose accurately low amounts
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and by its occasional occurrence when influenza prevails in man,
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except in very acute and congestive cases, until the disease haa