opportunity to verify the reliability of the method.
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remain but "ureine," a pale yellow, oily liquid of a heavy
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shorter or longer time. An important point to bear in mind,
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naturally or induced artificiall)', protects the individual
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ishing food to meet the extra demands on the blood-forming
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of organisms of putrefaction, is hindered but not prevented
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cele, Longuet combines the above procedure with partial ex-
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or less, grave disturbances in the animal body, as immense num-
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the other symptoms are aggravated, and the gait is unsteady.
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controlled ; a guide which needs constant revision on
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pole is very largely the lymph-plasm ; this is composed
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organism appears primarily and prominently deranged, ard the
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tical expression. If he finds that he is still inclined to be sea-
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^ Hemoptysis, or bleeding from the lungs, is not generafly asso-
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basis to start on, and that no so-called "drug habit"
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carbons, which supply materials that undergo combustion in the
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tending from the sun... p ''''' '^"'°"°'^ '-^ ^^^^^ ^l^*, ex-
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ward into the canal ; consequently, every time the patient
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pleurisy, simply as a result of such exercise causing rupture of
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New York and Melbourne : Cassell & Co., Ltd. 1901.
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in the substance of atrophied tissue is partly owing to the stag-
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Lancet-Clinic of March 16 prints a letter recently sent to
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of f : n .^ !^ '" '""'"" quantities, and often.-(See Diseases
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and to the idea that the animal had suffered from some chronic
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A Cast and Skiagraph of the So-called Smith's Fracture of
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exceedingly smaU; the jugular veins are distended; there is
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the thermometer indicated 111° F.^(HuxLEy, BiiowN Sequard,
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Lou PING 111.— The term " louping-ill," supposed to be derived
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niediooU'gal importance of spurious pregnancy, Davis reports
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ti(>S,!lll. Surgical Instrument. George Ermold, Elizabeth, N. J.
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want of exercise, and from being kept in a continuafartirciS^^^^^^^^
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volving the Hernvs-ZZT '^ ^ *■''" '"""' ^ hock, in-
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'_' and when no cause retards their completion, a month, reckon-
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of such remedies is highly condemnable. Warm fomentations to
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description it is very probable tliat the disease of 1G91 which
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act upon an effect of the disease. For this reason, the chlorate
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influences, contagion, and other external causes; and in the
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eration for Prolapse of the Rectum,"' Lancet, vol. ii, p. 117.
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active bacilli or toxins- of this disease — or to congestion