to Charlestov/n Bridge via North VJashington Street
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very often disappears shortly after death by the post mortem
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expenses of work which by reason of its nature cannot with sub-
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Niemeyer says, under the head Hypertrophy of the Heart —
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numerous than rods ; but if the soil become very dr}^ the micro-
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1. is altace the generic or trade names
poison in the animal economy, and are manifestations of the
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Movable Liver and Its Clinical Significance. W. O. Nisbet.
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condition of no great danger. It is also called vibration, sonorous
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prolonged and persistent functional disturbance may re-
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Congestive redness of the fauces appearing a day or two
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degeneration of the islands; the nuclei disappear and they be-
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theobiomin and a course of Marienbad water. The results
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the following table wiU at once give the reader an idea of the
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a trauma of the perineal region should be operated on at once,
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pleural disease is more marked tlian the parenchymatous. Some
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to call a competent physician, who has had no previous con-
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the profession can bring the difficult and knotty prob-
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large numt)er of addresses made on similar occasions by other anat-
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once and the ablation of the cyst postponed. Certain ovarian
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Lifluenzal Nephritis. — There were 2 cases of acute
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greater or less extent; these patches being in some paces
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efi'iisions, of bloody extravasations, and of serous citron infiltra-
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al)Sorbed in the system, and according to the amount so
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lyti<' ferment, and in this manner destroy old and worthh-s
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of age. All have been permanently cured, many for more than
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the gastric condition. The latter was regarded as an
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urine rapid emaciation, languor, and debility. In the majority
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afterward the man developed stricture of the urethra, and
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nett. — The writer notices the hypochondriasis and mental
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eral cause, it will be found that the nervous instability
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retinoscopy. The patient's eyes, however, must be com-
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inunctions — which in private practice is objected to by many —
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are generaUv aspociated with extreme dyspnoea, and with sounds,
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of ol)structive lesion that it forms almost a premonitory
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through the medium of the pneumo-gastric and branches of the
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Syracuse; W. D. Mann and C. C. Frederick, of Bufl'alo; J. F.
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even when exposed to the influence of the air. In such cases, it is
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the sublimation of calomel. By this method he thinks the
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138 •Suprarenal Extract in Diseases of the Eye. V;. H. Bates.
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verted, and consciousness diminished in scope and alert-
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came under my care, I drew a few drachms of blood, and imme-
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important: factor, and he uses as his argument the experience
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rhage occurs, which is more or less copious, repeated or ful-
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The environment may be changed, but the other quali-
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