removal of all affected animals, it is most essential to attend
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tagious diseases, and matters pertaining to the public health,
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process. Bruns" latest case, in fact, was a strong con-
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urine. It would be necessary to examine the urine quantita-
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the nrine, which inZuh^;, If H T '?P""'"' "'"' ""^J;
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The relationship existing between digestion and the
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the subject for over a decade. An important factor is
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Tost viLnt microbes. But why is not *!- ^ocal disor^^^^^
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1. Ingestiou of tubercular matter derived from mnn t .
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The dryness of the membrane is very shortly succeeded by
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the trouble to notice them, for they usually defeat their
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in reJapacs in such disease as typhoid fever. Serum
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' this is the history can ever he generated in any other way.' Most
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&c., the coincidence can only be looked upon as accidental.
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greatest cattle counties (Cheshire) for many years, as well as
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machine formmg a considerabl-) part of the whole body, com-
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like pneumonia, then the heart tonics fail us, and they die of
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certain amount of nourishment in the form of ]ieptones,
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The disease vulgarly termed "grease" in the horse, believed
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monial from the profession of America. Check should be for-
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and some writers think that the beneficial results are
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theoretical ground would be supposed to be effective. Also, if
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are observed. The cerebral substance is ecchymosed, and clots
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therapeutics, dental pathology and bacteriology,, orthodontia,
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Dog died in eight days from abscess of abdominal wall.
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before the caustic is applied. Where this has been done in
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bu in many places there is scarcely any elevation of the sk n f";
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dogs. Mr. Chas. Percivall informed Mr. Gaingee that ho had
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uncertain and fluctuating data on which they -lust be based."
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can only be relative, in consequence of the decrease of the serum,
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March 10 handed down a decision regarding the erection of
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applied, only increase the pain, the embarrassment of breathin<^
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organism of an animal, possesses the property of causing the
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extension of the retinal vessels along the borders of the eolo-
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interested in the general welfare of the profession and every
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it inconveniently comprehensive in its workings eVen in
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25. Cunningham : Jour, of Experimental Medicine, 1898, ill. p.
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of the practitioner, but signs of any brain affection scarcely ever
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country. I refer to the echinococcus, the cause of the
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are subject, when kept on low. damp pastures, more especially
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absolute alcohol. Moor now adds 1 gram of pure pow-
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"8. The tributary lymph-channels are thus meclianically
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the most careful descfiption; the diet must bo light, sparing,
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termination of a diseased process. It is thus the most favourable
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Aitken who, after mentioning a number of names by which the
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