of performing the same amount of work as at other seasons of
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this is almost as important as a healthy ancestry. I am
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ini /.I 'f T^'"?" '^°"* '^'^ *^^"*'^<^"t of the external swell-
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ZrolZ" *^^"^^^7'.*^l^«rculosis is the local process in which
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When such a person is taken sick with some serious illness,
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tiieir natuie, present a similar appearance of the blood
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in mutton broth of spinal fluid from an affected sheep, shows
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only occasionally do they find a proper pabulum In the animal
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the junction of the Central Artery and the tunnels.
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resorcin and cane-sugar test. Conversely. HCl had all
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Inclined, at this early period, to regard the case as probably
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a mortality greater than syphilis. We are quite sure
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He called attention to a point that clinically has been ob-
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the repeated a.lministration of even simple fluids .'u;.:« ty.r r anitis
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ifnoinl r<Tord. This is the average for a niimbor
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tion and suffocation. Both forms of the disease tern.inate in
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tissue with atrophic glomeruli and thickened capsules in its
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tuberculosis, erysipelas and other diseases by non-pro-
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William Watson, M.D,, College of Physicians and Sur-
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that a healthy flock is not secure from the disease at the distance
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it is seldom so, and as a time-saver in refracting it is
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well known, such a solution is found by titration, after
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90 'Treatment of Septic Infections of the Kidneys, and Cysto-
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Of the chemical influences which destroy or retard bacterial
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good results. One of these cases was that of a seamstress in
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Dr. L. E. Newm.^x submitted a specimen of this. The pa-
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characteristic signs become mon! marked ; the desire to bite is
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effects upon its spread; but the folliculitis began and
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Dr. George M. Ht'onES said that patients having typhoid
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or depravity and caprit. iousness of it, mar'fi =!tj ' ' - the aniu' i1
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preciated and gladly received. R. R. KniE, Chairman.
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treatment of very many of the common diseases of the
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often suffer less than ndiuta, probably because their einunctories
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reveal the condition of black consolidation, and the smaller ones
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doing he shall discharge a good conscience before God and
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severe pain in the right iliac region, and the temperature
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enough stomach contents at the height of digestion so