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Heroin for the Cough. — And now one word about the

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occurs in two ways : 1, by the direct action of the cur-

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tenth day dressings were removed and both wounds found to be

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all animals water is also necessary, not' only as a diluent, but as

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veterinarians of Europe to assemble in a great congress, and

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hospital were designated in the records as "carcinoma simplex,''

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and anthrax, and Delearde draws the conclusion that patients

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intense the animal moves in a very rigid manner, steps slowly

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Huenza arc enumerated as follows: 1. Acute fever with angina.

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* I have very great doubts about the correctnesa of this view of the pathology of

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tinge to the skin. Although country people, originally

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The albumen of the blood may vary, consistently with health,