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9 Report of a Case ' of Simple Fracture of the Ulna Whe

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I have treated the man for stricture and his wife for

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orate scientific paper by Cotton, of Boston, on the

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of curing and returning to society many of its useful members

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Agency may tenninate this Contract any time by a notice in writing from the

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applications to accomplish all that can be hoped for.

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37 Ideas of Disease and Medicine Among the Chinese. I. M. J.

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founded the profession of medicine in the United States.

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Dk. F. J. QuiNLAN, >rew York Cit\' — The question of prophy-

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teenth century to make dissections of human bodies,

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quotes another case which had already been reported by Seydel.

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enterostomy as in total removal of the stomach. In this speci-

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eration of circumcision without anesthesia. It is per-

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burger, Julius Ullman and Robert Ilebenstreit, attending;

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mall, If the lung-substance be involved; a combination of

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time. Unlike, however, the other contagious diseases of horned

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changes in the scope of the services of the Contractor to ba performed hereunder.

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the process of degeneration, which is common to it as well as to

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