If the debility of the vessels be very great and obstinate,

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Medical Association of the District of Columbia. Washington.

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Urinalysis: Total quantity in twenty-four hours, 400 e.c. ;

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She was born March 8. 1900, so that she was 8 months old at

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18fi0 till 1898, inclusive, and from our compilation it re-

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of vertigo, are overborne by the vivid sense of impres-

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these solid r)articles by filtration, are deprived of all infective

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'J'lnis attention is only called in many instances to an animal

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tive canal, consequent thereupon, impedes the development" of

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effects as have been observed after injection of the anti-

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experience a relief. In all natural cases, the constitutional

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The most characteristic feature of the amyloid substance is its

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deficient in fbrce, it frequently increases their power and so

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may now marry; as far as 1 am able to judge, you will nut

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> This woodcut has already appeared in The Practitioner for July 1879 (fig. 38),

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traceable to gonococcal infection, there seems to be a very wide

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The proportion of uric acid — the ratio — to urea was too large;

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by some portion of this gland, as has been so many times

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keep It patent. There is no need to resort to this barbarous and

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as compared with the census of ten year ago. This decrease is

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ures suffice, re-enforced possibly by hamamelis or argyrin.

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Again, several horses in a stud are simultaneously or succes-

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space shall in no way destroy the external effect of

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cases"; Bj'ford. "in majority," and Mann, "neaily all" of

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XTnion Medical Society of Northern Michigan. — This

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15. Interest of Certain Feder>'^:l Officlils. Ko mesber of or Delegate to

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morbid inoculated material, from pyremia with abscesses in

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and p'ogressive character, he names a "pandemic wave," to dis-

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does not differ from that of other genito-urinary special-

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months of terrible, sometimes almost unbearable, pain.

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tion being often accompanied and followed by signs of uneasi-

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pathology of an infective disease that it is exceedingly

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2. Moist sounds.~The dry, bronchial sounds are succeeded in

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approTed by the Chief Engineer of the Authority with aodifications,