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losses through the capillaries of the lungs, and partly feimpe^^^

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vaccinated. The Civic Committee of the legislature will make

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that the fever continues for some days— five, eight, or sometimes

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six weeks, in spite of treatment, the scalp was covered

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smallest branches, the great veins and th hear^'are"^. eX

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as from suffocation by strangulation, drowning, or any cause

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we find the Ccenunts cerebralis developed in the brains of sheep

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loss of weight up to tlie average. For the treatment to

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were all treated in public institutions. Arsenic was found in

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sentative. If, however, the performance of the services has

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to pursue most advantageously his subsequent medical

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pulse becomes accelerated and of a feeble character — sometimes

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cocain injection alarming symptoms of morphin poisoning

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a great deal more attention; they should be sorted out and

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comes liquefied and easily removed. This would" tend

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The middle and large-sized tumours commence by a circle, on

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The jws< mortem examination of all these instances has brought

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bath at a temperature of not over 65 C. To determine

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Very small doses of thyroid extract were combined with quinin,

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spread to the whole herd, unless precautions be taken against its

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tainly unpleasant and mortifying way. and who brought

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notice, namely — First, That the period of latency after inocula-

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exposed on the hedges, and the flock of the bed was spread out

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phatic glandular structures lead to hypertrophic con-

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greatest difficulty in extracting the skull from the small pelvis

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the sphincter muscle. The entire amount of the permanganate

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flacdd, and vagina piT^^^^^ -.was rather relaxed, the vulva

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tion should be paid to the matter of food and exercise. There

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man seven out of ten escape, wliilst if nq such means are used

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these are the cases in which the disease makes but little pro

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continued ; but the instant the vessel collapses under the pressure

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have anticipated, those from the inhalation of nitrous

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have given us the ability of making these people com-

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persistence of the bacilli in the throat after the disappearance

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produced by acute alcohol poisoning. .\ year later,

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brathmg, which rapidly increases ; and, aceordin. to Drs San

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extremes of heat and cold, and be yet in itself never greatly

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such as oil-cake and good hay, avoiding grasses and roots, as

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They have no significance for the diagnosis of deep-seated

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It was shown by Dr. Carpenter that zymotic poisons (microbes),

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with salt solution mixed with pure oxygen. The former alone

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may be uniform over the patch; but at other times it is limited

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How of blood, the condition is somewhat relieved by rest and