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pulse becomes fuller and stronger, the bleeding is to be stojjped ;

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plete. as they would nibble the gi ss within tZt Z^ ?."

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small areas; the disease may then assume a mild type, and

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six hours, and well rubbed in, when a cure is usually effeit..;

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which is always present at^h is pi j Lm' '''^'''"^"'

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on the teats. Tliey rise in the centre, become more or less

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toms and pathological changes. Some authors call i^ a ne™s'

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The diagnosis made was evidently pediculosis, for she was given

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oit of grunt through the upper part of the trachea, perhaps from

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with water, and rendered into fine particles by a steam atomiser.

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wer animals. I have, however, seen it b, the horae.

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inform the jury that such fact considered alone did not ttnd

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soon becomes calm again, and may remain so for a short period

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92 Preparation and After-care of Surgical Cases. John T. Rogers.

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hobors and Gallieians, settled in the Northwest Territories, are