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centers, according to current physiological opinion — by
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patient with melancholic hysteria who had not spoken
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more effectually by educating the public to the use of
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been pronounced cured by a competent physician after thor-
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and the anus constantly open, the animal straining incessantly,
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amebiP show no vacuoles, the full-grown healthy ones, few. while
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1. A preliminary report of these undertakings may be found In
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of facts have been collected to make their arrangement
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have died in a few hours, or, resisting the first effects of the
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gold and sodium retained with a gratifying improvement in
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with the state organization. . . . The ofTice of president of
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a man contracts a cold, whether he has lithemia or a loc;il
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of health, endorses the recommendations, but thinks it would
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sciatic neuralgia, by the subarachnoid injection of 15 mg. of
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absent on the other, the first indicates a compensating action
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ception has been particularly heuristic in its effects in
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circumference of the hepatic lobules. This temporary infiltration
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spleen, had been studied carefully as two years had elapsed
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swelhngs may appear on the cliest, abdomen ;nd ht T
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called amyloid degeneration ; but the weight of evidence points
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subjected to inordinate work, concussion, and alteration of in-
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Horses, during the spring and autumn, when casting their coats,
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Indeed, the actual treatment as he explains it could not be
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districts, helds. woods, waters, or plants are at times found to be
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examination of tlie tongue prior to death enabled me to detect
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It is evident, therefore, that it is comparatively a new disease,
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to be regretted that there is not a hospital in Chicago for
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posit possesses no remedial properties, I have not been
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the red corpuscles, and thereby generates that chlorotic state
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and scientific spirit of the undergraduates of the insti-
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perature of the surface of the body and extremities is very
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supplying sufficient nourishment ; .and one curious result was
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new lesions had appeared, and the older denuded areas were