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instance, produces no immediato result, but lies dormant in the
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Fifty-first Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association,
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7. Kocher: Arch. f. kiln. Chlr. Berlin. 1883. Bd. xxlx, S. 254.
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are generally debilitating in their effects, and often tend to
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petechial spots on th oj 1T ?' f '^'^•^^^"^■^- ^'^'^
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spinal cocainization, and even succeeded in making a stomach
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dence to indicate that relapses may depend iipon the
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8. Storage: no open air storage, temporary or permanent,
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forms of vegetable life, better crystallized conceptions of
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colour. The conjunctivae are yellow ; the tongue is coated, dry,
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those portions of the lungs in which collapse has taken place.
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and even to mice and rabbits. Cattle, pigs, and fowls resist the
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Minnesota : Minneapolis, Feb. 8-23, 15 cases ; Winona. Fell.
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should continue to instruct the people in correct methods of
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the appetite fails, the |/..,u:tary membrane, at first of a dark
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cut with a knife; then another la ^r'^f!": £ ^jl^^
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too^ watery in its nature, its nutritive constituents' washed out
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the disease induced by eating lupin, prevailing on the Continent,
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creased connective tissue around glomeruli. Some cloudy
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repair can be efleeted without any new formation ; whilst in the
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Ramon Guiteras, and George E. Brewer, of New York; H. M.
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be eliminated. There is a condition known as "vaga-
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to changes in zoning, the vacating and removal of streets,
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suffer more or less from anaemia and debility, and are incapable
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valuable consideration, the parties do hereby covenant and agree
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loss of the conducting power of the cranial bones aside
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To expedite solution, heat was employed and when the
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sector and scalpel handle. It is made from a sinsle «
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the medical school is a part of that university receive
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same reason, revival is quickened. Incidentally, time is saved,
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birth-rate and high mortality under 1 year and at all ages;
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difficult}' encountered in pulling down the gut to meet
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of the mal ily. If, however, towards the third day the animal
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insomnia and gastrointestinal indigestion with flatu-
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