(b.) Organic Diseases. — Carditis, or inflammation of the sub-
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was verj' foul and distended tightly with dark blood-stained
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stopped us by ondeavounng to prevent ^^^^^.^.^^^ .^ ^^^^.^^^
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to be in favor of early measures as soon as the diag-
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'"^i h anojmia, degeneration, and rupture of their walls, pallo^
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occurs, and is the termination of many exhausting diseases
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Gazz. Med. di Torino, 1895, No. 2. Abstr. Centr. f. Chir., 1896,
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men and a .slightly accelerated pulse; in fact, symptoms of
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attached to the posterior wall of the stomach by a Murphy
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titioner can there only pick up a few crumbs and feels himself
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Tlie double pulse. — This pulse is occasionally present in
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building. Whereas the existing building may represent
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cases the liver is darker than is natural; the gall bladder dis-
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have been appointed on the assistant stafl' of Cook County Hos-
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Inflammation of the spinal cord and its meninges is described
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cicatrix taking its place. It is most commonly seen in
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side the chest. I have a specimen in my possession in which
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^g:. Circulation plans have boon dovelopod which call for ^ninirnuraj:^l■*te^^
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be prepared by the Consulting Engineer under this Agreement,
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stituting masses of serosity of a citron colour, which raise tlie
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the recognized schools obliged to be examined and to
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agent is multiplied to a large amount in a very short space of
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fecal matter and mucus, the latter appearing in the form of
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pletely insulated. The advantages of this eystoscopc are that
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induration, which is not comprehended in the term overgrowth."
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audible in health. It indicates greater danger than rhonchus,
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Much relief may, however, be afforded by careful dieting, keeping
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Medical Examiners by Courtesy — Use of Narcotics. —
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conditions in or adjacent to the area probabljr cannot be
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eases the results of ignorance, is fast becoming a thiiicr of tlie
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in uLero, and the arachnoid, with tubercle in its early stage
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