investigate the sediment. If a search is to be made for
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as follows :-The animal is languid, unthrifty, loses flesh, sweats
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the discharge is often tinged with blood. In some instances
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the repeated a.lministration of even simple fluids .'u;.:« ty.r r anitis
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obliterating the capillaries of other organs, leading to softening,
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prostration, which increases more or less rapidly until the horse
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onlv with the aid of the microscope, can penetrate. The
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duced in the house prohibiting any institution that gives in-
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from a paper written by Dr. Herter for the Welch "Fest-
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Dr. Tnos. S. Cillen. in GOO specimens of myoma in the hos-
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of fluid occurs without impediment, and tends to force tlie cutis
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to look for any mental cure by any form of operative procedure.
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tnent work in accordance with the Bingham Report, The contract of
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digestive organs, and destroy all chance of a return of appetite.
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develop in a healthy animal introduced into an infected
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e contrary is often the case, for an animal of Ihis l<ind itn::
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period, recovery ensued in 14 or 44 per cent, without
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Niemeyer says, under the head Hypertrophy of the Heart —
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graph show the curve falling away suddenly, differing
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treated himself after adopting the ordinary methods tor mild
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nevs. One had pyelonephritis after eight days, where
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l.a 1, disease is apt to nssinr-^ a py.Tinic character, and an
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teresting and suggestive. This autlior believes tliat the
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paralysis is complete immediately aftei' an accident. ''.Vhereaa,
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The albumen of the blood may vary, consistently with health,
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statement amd questioned the observation of the men
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Hence in fevers, septicemia and like affections, digitalis
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cent., that of Watkins and Lawrence; Ross, 50 per cent.,
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attributable to general neurotic, neurasthenic and hysterical
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Merrimac-Congress route into the goveimment center area.
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city last week. The nursing staff varied from seven to three
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(7) That the undersigned is duly authorized to execyte this certificate.
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other pages by reference) are devoted to "Laboratory
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services rendered under Article II, paragraph E, will be 10,'<
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Pathologist's Report. Died eighty-seven days after opera-
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being 2720. There were 2.570 deaths at and above the age of
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The spasmodic condition of the body— the chorea— and the