principal's business to be imputed to the principal, it holds
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augmented ; that the stallion has frequent erections, and n 'l
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Dr. MacMonaole said that this was the extent of his ex-
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including facilities not only for movement but teyminals (parking)
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little cast-out infants and children. It not infrequently hap-
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sary to secure those conditions that will tend to check
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prevent the accession of disease. Again, horses whose coats
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3. , (a) As soon as possible after tne acceptance of detailed
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P W f ' \T'' "°'' ^' " P^^^*^ °"t'" that is to say the face is
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size, are rather wedge-shaped, and have their apices towards
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two ways, and that two distinct pathological conditions of the
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have thrived best on milk sterilized by heating to CO or 70 C.
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Alliance Israelite Universelle, for the ensuing year.
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whose physiologic action is known to be first, depression
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bean, becoming vesicles in three or four days, and then pustules
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tion of the discrimination time in vertigo. This ques-
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less certain measures are taken, officers and men will discover
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compensating dilatation of the tubes of the left one.
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Fio. 23. — Section of portion of lung ; the external aspect is shown in
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more especinlly of the lumbar vertebrae, m which generally the
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In all cases a small dose of the sulphate of magnesia is to be
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eartedl^th::"!:^''™ "' ">^ «"- f- *« «„» t«.„ eaae, was
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to the serosa, under local anesthesia. The strosa is cut in like
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taken with any degree of safety. As regards the operation, he
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was cut across without previous ligation of the artery.
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most part the lumen was closed. The appendix was ligated
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ish or brilliancy. Such "speed"' should be consistent
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the heart, by the lividity of the mucous membranes, and by the
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be slaughtered, and that all the unaffected cattle which are or
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thirtieth day the colour was limpid in five cases, and after the
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outside, he contracted gonorrhea, was treated and, as
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emphasize — adonidin, in spite of its more prompt and energetic
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orifice of the urtthra at difl'erent times. She passes either
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cause tubercles in uninmrmt^ L r '=" T""'"^ "^■^"•^^' ^^"^
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to be developed, but not quite so quickly, in the cultivation as
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rermittent Gleet. By H. M. Christian. Therapeutic Gazette. Aug.