layer of lymph, which may be stripped off leavil ?^ i

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specimens were exhibited showing numerous nucleated red

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tZ.}'^^\^ ^^'r. "^^' l^yP«r«^sthesia. and that the animal

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way location layout line to the southeasterly corner of the

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chronic process, with acute recrudescences, at the instigation of

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an enema now and then administered; and the head bathed

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however, from pus, lymph, white blood-corpuscles, and cancer,

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291.59. The out-door department treated 1102 cases, medical

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Then as many more incisions are made as may be neces-

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as much of this as I could through the tracheotomy wound. By

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The tumor was excised. Six months later the cicatrix became

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in retracting mat'^.rlng scar t^s^ue "V/ 1""^ '"^"^^^ '•^^"'t^d

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this reference (and is hereinafter called "the Bingham Report");

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Systematic cleansing of all houses has been begun. The city

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selected cases, in one year there were 2 deaths, 1 of suicide, 4

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tion of all digestion is to render insoluble substances

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and cold, or kent in ill.v«ntihf«^ "f«v,i- t^ I'uacu w wee

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however, a constant symptom, as in all probability much of

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ureter normal, pyelitis, with slightly adherent capsule. Eight

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obtain most excellent results, in cases of chronic catarrhal

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If, as I think possible, one of the factors in causing

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arynx, and bronchial tubes. Tliere is no tendency to harm and

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direct catgut suture passed through the body of the

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gestions, and directly lowe-s all the vital energies; and the

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Jledieal Science in This Country, from the Earliest English

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that of anthrax, being fibrinous, red in colour, and as a rule

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drew a distinction between the diseases occurring coincident

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says it is well to examine for external evidence of internal

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when their import can be interpreted."— (Sir Tiios. Watsox.)

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of 50 grams of dry bread, 5 grams of butter, and 250

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what it may. and the ability to reward and the fear of retal-

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fower dt-atlis this y<-;u-. u]) tn tlie c-lose of last week, than during

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decade of this century. The development of the cell-

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veterinarian who can detect the expression, the condition of the