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In all cases of lens ext;raction through a large corneal

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• Presented to the Section on Laryngologry and Otology, at the

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doubtful prognosis has been the rule in the past, but

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South Carolina Medical Association, Florence. April 17. 1901.

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the internal iliac artery. These arteries anastomosed

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Rinne if the fork be held some distance from the meatus. The

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100. The Tuning-Fork Test in Antral Disease. — The use

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rate and soften, and a fusion of the whole very soon takes place.

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question, the relative curability of anterior and of posterior

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tuberculosis, and another for measles, and it would be well to

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This little work is a general review of the aspects of paralytic

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antiraonial wine, ipecacuanha hyoscyamus, &c.:; but I do not

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the ages of 20 and 40, or the most active period of the

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is under control. The abscesses, if they exist in the soft

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Symptoms are signs of disease, but it is only by mental effort

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1 dare not pass by unnoticed here two phases of in-

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" Fourth. ' Ilomard ' (No. 14), forty days after first contact.

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bath Treat the residue with alcoliol, which dissolves urea

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In atrophy the part may be said to be altered in quantity, the

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The tubers themselves in which these hyphse and bacteria

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and paralysis of a part of the body, generally the posterior

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is not, however, permanent, but gradually passes off, and tlie

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sneezing, with a slight discharge from the nose and eyes, are

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To Expel the Oxyuris in Children. Deuly. — Four days

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pyemia or in a short time of pyelonephritis, or in rare

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and so important to the animal pathologist, that it is essei.tial

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sistent and authoritative distribution of correct information

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ence: Recently, during a journey, he spent part of the night

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