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cause the sulphur to precipitate, such as acetic acid,

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and swelling. In making these divisions I agree per-

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The fibrin of the blood. — When fresh drawn blood is left to

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sufl'ered from gastric ulcer. This may or may not be correct,

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reaction, except that ammoniacal gas is emitted. Tested with

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possession of a body for the purpose of burying it. However,

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Difficulty in Extraction of Fetal Skull After Separation

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same reason, revival is quickened. Incidentally, time is saved,

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was taking 35 capsules daily when he complained that

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trogression of the nodules. His latest research tends to estab-

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he felt practically no "dizziness," although the inhibi-

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■v'lJ'.'jiyin addition to reviewing exinting -traffic voliimoS in, the '.■'..

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justifiability of abdominal operations and major surgical opera-

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being the common cause of th. .welling. I have ireciuently rcmovea

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inches by the finger. This was a mistake, since it inter-

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Then are also usually blood and hyaline casts, and a slight

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the disease-producing power of the gonococcus, since

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nerve ; and as the nervous system of tlie animal becomes more

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tion in the size or a decrease in the numbeT of tlie tissue

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experienced observers. Even in such extreme instances,

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Thence r-onning in a north. direction by various courses

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We note that the clan hr-.s been 5i.\ roved by the .layer ?r:l the City

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is a neuralgia of the cardiac plexus from which pain is reflected

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character, not the painful cough of pleurisy, as one won

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To exactly determine this point, I use the following

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we have included, as a part of Code No. R-309, cscplanations

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cart is sometimes assi-sted by barrow men. A wheel-barrow

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potash, combined ith s „ . "° ^"'^"'^ *^« "^^^'-^'e of

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Dr. Andrew Strang, for many years resident physician at

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I would ask my hearers to lay aside all prejudice and

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examinations are positive in their results. He referred to the

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guinea-pigs were isoculated with c^tivated bacilh de ved

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albumose, was divided into two equal parts, one being

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"salvage") from the Adams Square property, unless such removal

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sults that the general mortality of the disease is .5.6 per