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The post mortem appearances were, effusion of serum in the

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injection should be given as soon as the diagnosis has been

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breathing is quick and panting. Pressure to the abdomen

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appear like little cavities distended with blood corpuscles. In a

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it does not lose any of its good qualities and is preferable to

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152 Comparative Value of Laboratory and Bedside Diagnosis.

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. by the Housing and Home Finance Agency and- (2) with respect to

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inflammation of the testis. Stimulation to the urethra by

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classify it with the dietetic diseases, as in the great majority of

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possibilities of thyroid treatment perhaps tending to

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Hydrothorax. — When an animal dies of pleurisy, especially if

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cysts, Lapeyrc adds, are better removed through the vagina,

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engorged, and the pulmonary veins and left side of the heart

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a case of puerperal eclampsia, the second attack in two years.

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suffocation may ensue. Indeed, where the throat is very sore,

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prostration and debility are associated with the dyspnoea. The