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It must be particularly borne In mind by the veterinarian

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in ill-ventilated houses, the blood becomes remarkably fluid,

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danger. Sihilus, heard at the lower parts, indicates a condition

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isolated, and independent of tlie course of the lymphatics. For

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and the pathology of 220 fatal cases of diphtheria,

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is most intense towards the centre ; the inside of the arms and

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growth could be detected and no sharp pain existed.

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Charles M. Andrews, captain and asst. -surgeon. \ols.. recently

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tissue formation, and the less the thyroid secretion in

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rounding skin, the appearance suggesting that the pig-

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yields to the onward wave of blood ; the back is arched, and in

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more violent symptoms subsided for a time ; they became cool

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made an incision at this point, evacuated a quantity of

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Cultures would identify the germ if present, but these

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mitted to the baby which would give a Widal reaction. Un-

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Simonds, Gamgee, and others, as follows: — "Early in 18(35 an

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give excellent results. Lactoserum may become, how-

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was a member of his clinic and received unusual privileges,

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to the office of Dr. Boardman Reed. The patient was

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the back, with one small square aperture opposite the reflector.

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a fact that seemingly points to the bronchial tubes as

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examination of all tlie aninials which have been herded or r tff,llf>d

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and Delafond, that in sheep affected with ana;mia, with defi-

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643,704 gross sq-uare feet aro served by the Garage indicating that

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students were struck with the violence of the inflammation of

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degradation within the blood-vessels, or in organs such as the