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disturbance here, but frequently other causes may be
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caused by the removal of the thyroid, are all exceedingly
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David S. Cook, M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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in such solutions, at least for a time. The adrenalin may be
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nancy. The Russian province of Kosloii' is now undergoing this
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In partial support of the theory that it is the purpose
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Medicine. Brevet Major-General N. Martin Curtis addressed
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saturation with uric acid. The latter may also be deposited at
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for this, unless by the supposition that, owing to the geological
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s aughteruig, wilh the exception of 20. which .Air. Baker sent on
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Asst. -Surgeon F. E. Trotter, upon being relieved by Asst.-Sur- fr
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into the byre— when her ladyship very soon takes to her feet
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Kiihne, who, by submitting the amyloid organs to a process of
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stable, amorphous powder, insoluble in strong alcohol, ether,
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careful observers. Huchard refers to the seriousness
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fices. It was assumed that the trigonum, as well as
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un animal has sufli'red from inflammation of an important organ.
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streets, and v/ith appropriate highly Ghannali zed inter-
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and westerly sidelines of Pemberton Square to the intersection
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actually found by the meat inspectors that we are able
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either directly or indirectly (reiie.xly) with cortical
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Frederick Fit/.wygram, "from powerful muscular development
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becomes thick, yellow, and profuse; the cough looser, moist,
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column 0. air presses equally in all the tubes and vesicles Zl
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can be detected by auscultation in certain parts only. For
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in England. It appeared just after the black death had de-
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tion of disease. In our patients, however, their continual pre-
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the outside of the chest, no matter how soon applied, can remove
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dUr^.r^^' resemblance to cholera, scarlatina, and to
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Dr. John B. Deaver expressed belief that the results ob-
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•:.>">;:'■-■ from a proposed *Chardon-Sudbury one-way couplo, ■icv^'Vi'i'A ::'--'-^^^^^^^^
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in which the dura mater attained a thickness varying from one
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transmission of the pathogenic agent. Futtire researches will
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munities which have greatly mitigated the evils to which
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