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Bethesda Hospital, St, I'aul. has paid off .$20,000 of its

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varies from season to season, is modified by habitat, cli-

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liv:^ •^;>/;va->: ^^ ^^^^ ^ fashion as to minimize "tho awkward stroot ■ •,

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the establishment of a class of educated professional abortion-

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WHEREAS, the Authority has adopted an Urban Renewal

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stitutes those masses which may undergo putrefaction in the

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from these surroundings. Cholera is a frequent visitor,

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the slightest degree of paralysis noted. The seizures

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c untry, where it seldom appears spontaneously Tn the hor

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if struck with an axe. On examining the substance vomited, it

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that there is some tenuency to constipation, for which it is

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and Conforms to a comprehensive for the locality as a vir.ole.

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ance of the vertigo consecutive to stomach treatment.

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tail wiU be elevated, the membrana nictitans drawn over the

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Inflammation of the bronchial tubes, like that affecting other

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Journal, xxxv, p. 128, on the influence of bacterial toxins

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"Physiology of the Muscle Tonus, and Modifications of the Re-

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and poorly-ventilated rooms, street-cars and other places: and,

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relief. Under such circumstances the following is recom-

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resembling the "patient calfed on the doctor, but he was clean

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Saprophytes— ipntrid plants, Schizomi/cetes-cleavmg or splitting

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vaccination is being advocated by the corporation and

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New England Medical Monthly (Danbury, Conn.), February.

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It is difficult to make them cough in the ordinary way by press-

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(6.) Bad consequences of social and financial cha . -,r have

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tully selected, the effects are generally as above described; but

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ment of such part of the Adams Square property. The fair net

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plan of architecture, not only of the single creature, but

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ends almost approximated. I united the ends with one

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and a Mr. Baker. Tlie Esthonian Agricultural Society luul

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This theory of M. Lafosse is, however, open to grave objec-

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the forms which to them seemed to resemble man most

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inwards, and it will balance the trunk upon the extremities.

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The remainder of the area is largely eight (8) to ten (10) feet

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';i?fk^-|/C;r .ought to be located as generally indicated. Finally,.

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or in ligation of the duct in dogs, the acini are destroyed, but

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known. Of the six children, two boys and a girl were infected.

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iiioniinj,' sickness, etc. At this time this tumor — so long known

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to produce the excretions."— (Bennett's Clinicn: -.Jwjy-?,) ^

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ance, drag their limbs slowly and stiffly, and after a di\ e of