tures only about 1 to 3 per cent, of those released will be still
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m icative of chronic disease, and on this account is te S
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slowly occurs, the blood accumulates in all the vessels of the
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lants are called for in the majority of cases, and should be com-
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chnur infestation, since pork for the domestic markets
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thai they remain free in the tissues or that they escape
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Total Excision of Larynx. — A case of total excision of the
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101 'The Influence of .\lcohol on Muscular Work. E. Destree.
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the sound increases with age as the sinuses undergo change.'
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follows from this law that the larger the dose or the greater tho
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potash (Potassa fusa) or of the nitrate of silver is suflicient ; but
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The American Gynecological and Obstetrical Journal, 1900, vol.
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Lyons), practised in 1868 and 1869, and published in 1870 is
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cent. Of over six thousand cases which occurred during
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Sne^zi ■" snorting indicates an irritable condition of the
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is the immediate precursor of absolute unconsciousness.
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of specific morbid poison in the way of a predisposing cause.
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The post mortem appearances indicate a condition of anajmin.
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ones, and this can be best decided by its effects on the hand. If
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may be balked by the false membranes occluding the cannula
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water. Tlio latter is due to an excess of alkali containing 22
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drugs which have been observed to produce skin lesions.
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in meditating on the wonderful mechanism of the semicircular
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found, the removal of which will lead to just as satis-
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leukocytosis. Inflation of the stomach showed decided gas
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solidation has proceeded to a great extent without any very
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an ammal which lu.s taken the disease contains an agent ZX
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stsm, will denote the height to which the column of mercury
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layer of the skin. Symptomatic chloasma is preceded
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may be displaced, retracted, adherent to fascia or tendon^.
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cases, growing at and abou tl 1 '''' ^'' ^"^""^ "^ 'ole
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ceptive and not sure; 2, because I recognize that there may
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impure, and, by cultivation in beef tea, and mutton broth,
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entirely, a reasonable amount of study and observation,
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frequently yields to the administration of heroin, and
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the ordinary A fork (213) should be heard on moderate
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in those cases which fell under my notice whilst the disease
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ticable. He applied compresses of alcohol, and in two w-eeks