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lowed. This consists in taking a tumblerful of milk,

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Is this just ? Decidedly not ; and in all such instan le man

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Surgeon F. J. li. Corderio, detached from the .Vcic Orleans, and

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Delirium" and "Attendants in Asylums," to be presented by

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and oats with a fungus growth, eminently fatal in its action on:

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if in great amount acts as a narcotic poison, in smaller, as an

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specific disease poison, virus, &c. ; and is said by Chauveau to

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liable. Therefore, after direct examination of the open

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spontaneously is not digested, but disorders the digestive system,

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also, as independent affections, that is, after a remark-

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of septicaemia. " Is it the case," he inquired, " that the micro-

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gists and physiologists as reaction time, a word or two

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This leads to a consideration of the important topic

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committee was appointed to studj- the mosquito as a means of

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as it were ; or damaged by mould, or other causes in operation

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very old or otherwise debilitated animal ; the most prominent

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and then of Davaine— that the blood in splenic fever contained

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dition of the vessels, a portion of the impulse of the heart,

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is a pathologic condition which might justly be called