Vomition was a marked symptom, and came on at intervals,
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per second, and one of 1 mm., corresponding to one full
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toms appeared, and it was again inoculated on the 30th, after
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physiques which would make their bodies more likely
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(6.) Bad consequences of social and financial cha . -,r have
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Duckworth and Dr. A. Garrod related a case of this condition,
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Careful observations have, however, enabled me to determine
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are easily induced by percussion applied to the sides, or bv
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animal to another; that when variolous disease aflects the
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form of whisky, brandy, etc. I have never had any experience,
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right groin; it was not tender. The urine occasionally con-
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having been boiled. Its tissue is friable, easily cut, and from
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those parts of the body where they cannot endanger hfe,it is far
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deceased, and that it has been rejected by the administrator,
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the kidneys, the spinal cord, &c. &c. ; for were it thus, according
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pMered ; ar.d, according to Dr. Beale, the proportioi; of soluble
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proper isolation of patients is important. The ordinary
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not the doctor should have taken out more of the stomach. He
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monograph comes as a fitting addition to this list.
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gether with considerable desquamation thereof; that if the
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