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the Central Artery itself so as to provide proper connections to

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of the processes that are supposed to take place in the

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The nature of gastric vertigo, to which attention was

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fourteen thousand cases of trichinosis in Germany from

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lymph on the mediastinal surface, in which the liydrothorax

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acute suppurative interstitial nephritis, with colon bacilli

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" Fourteenth. Age does not materially affect the results of

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filtration, the destruction of the ciliary processes and the iris

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General Pathology includes— Is^. Etiology, or a knowledge

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left ventricle by two small openings, and forming a large cavity

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Dermatitis. — Considerable progress has been made

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Russia: Moscow. Feb. 2-10, 10 cases, 1 death: Odessa. Feb.

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places, were examined bacteriologically, and in no instance was

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the teleological conception of this science. For thousands

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firmly attached to the anterior wall of the trachea di-

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trations is not necessary to prove the necessity of employ-

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•The Electrochemical Action of the X-rays in Tuberculosis.

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from want of blood. This view is founded by Dr. Brown Sequard

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farther south by Dr. Salmon; by Drs. Phillips and Schmidt on the