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farcy or glanders, and is symptomatic of a breaking up of the
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vera (as opposed to peripneumonia notha, or capillary bronchitis);
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Dr. Charles Lestkr of Philadelphia, presented a
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It assumes an incurable character, remaining per ^st.nt in spite
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pneuraonia-bovina contagiosa they undergo a caseous change;
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trict of Columbia, and treasurer, Dr. Wm. M. Mew, of
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materials ; it is sometimes, however, tinged with blood. If the
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The Authority will furnish all le^^l services required in
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the claim to be a humbug. Digitalis is not an antipyretic.
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duodenum is the paramount reflex center for the entire
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As the symptoms are developed, the cough becomes hoarse,
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ulcerated. His tongue improving but slowly, I again
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f oudroyant, destroying life in a few days as by an overwhelming
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The follov;ing sketch has been prepared to show anticipated traffic,
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over the circulation of tlie blood exists in the brain, spinal cord,
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metabolism, which, if not removed, paralyze their further
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and pulpy, and an abundant dirty-looking puriform material
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in artificial cultures behaves ve ^1 tel ttilTT". "'"'^"^
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it is as large as at 45, and the hemoglobin value of the blood
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that U incubative stage \iiries from seven to thirteen days
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and selection for training, includin , apprenticeship. In case of any subcon-
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" The milder cases, those even that present no appreciable
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exanthem or pneumonia, the remainder of cases of acute
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nnd the Schneiderian membrano is of a leaden colour, with red
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iS Causation and Treatment of Constipation in Children. John
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great extent drained, at least one form of anthrax, namely
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which is expended in dilating the arteries, is not restored to the
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but not too violent, to rise, the bowels commence to act, the
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for such rehabilitation is not executed, the parcel will be
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some cows, out of sheer obstinacy, will refuse to rise upon their
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moans, and otherwise shows signs of much uneasiness." The
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the malady without any ostensible cause. The form of the dis-
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ance committee's recommendations are approved by the council.
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stellate or star-like in form, and rapidly change to their natural
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In mild attacks of influenza but little medical treatment is
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moved on the fifth day by an aperient assisted by an