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with peripilar abscesses, of which there may be hun-

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and legislation has been proposed and at times initiated

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hereby agrees to pay to MTA that portion of all costs incurred by

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whitish-grey looking material, insoluble in water. Under the

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not good for them, and consequently drink it boiled and colored

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has a slight benumbing influence in some mild instances,

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strated tliat its virus may be attenuated by being passed throiicrh

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Several careful microscopic examinations of the hairs and

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Another difficulty is the absence of a standard in drugs — a uni-

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by auscultation and those emitted by percussion are very trivial.

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ployed in the treatment of respiratory paralysis are absolute

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It were also severe in 1852, and more so in 1853, at which time

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In some instances farcy is found confined to the cervical lym-

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For tlie last four years M. Pasteur has been engaged in con-

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they are liable to spread the disease on their discharge.

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the subglottic region and a history of dyspnea with

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means of determining how well a patient hears conversation,

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proportion of general paralytics among the Jewish pop-

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Charles L, Stoddard, M.D,, Pennsylvania Medical College,

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culation in the anterior segment of the ball; in case of inter-

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There is no record of the detection of any actual microbe.

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On motion by Mr. McCloskey, seconded by Mr.' Ryan, it was

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shin between the s^Tnpathetic system and the suprarenal

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