IS arrested, and that the dry pleural surfaces tubbing on each
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a group that leads him to think that gonorrhea is one
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to the exact location of the critica^l point where the relocation
havmg been observed by my late student, Mr. Gun, Veterinary
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Dr. C. M. Cobb, Lynn, Mass. — I would like to know whether
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duty at Columbus Barracks, Ohio, to rejoin his station. Fort Du
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Saginaw Board of Health, and the health officer of Gilmore
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calcareous particles, and is thus converted into a hard cal-
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is composed mostly of negroes. Up to March 7 21 cases had
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1 here were tonic or persistent spasms of the muscles ol" the
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of typhoid fever, and all got well, as everybody else's cases do,
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iurinTt/' ''''. '''°" '''' ^-S^- Whistling, although Tu le t
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the disease by inoculation for no less than eleven months.
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Much relief may, however, be afforded by careful dieting, keeping
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from patients amounted to $782.50. The staff at present con-
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ventilated, badly drained, dark, and foul. Horses, when crowded
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manganate, at a temperature of 120 F., is irrigated into the
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sible to tell. Boldt estimates from 5 to S per cent., admitting
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when their import can be interpreted."— (Sir Tiios. Watsox.)
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hibit any tendency to spread by contagion or infection; and I
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would refer the reader fn;. f ^^^'"^ '^''^"««« «f ^'^'-^^y I
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the attachments of the superficial layer of epidermis. Tlie
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perhaps we should exclude ammonia, as the blood-poisoning
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sounds detectable by the ear whon applied to the oides of the
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been submitted to the examination of the comparative
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that such approval has been or is given or such other action has
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iTiiy be a dr\ :i:gh, or irregularity of the pulse, which may be
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or through the glottis if possible. After the cricoid
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—(Don, Taylor, Irving, Loudon, Sleeman). The canine dis-
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few small vessels derived from the subvaginal cellular tissue,
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plete obstructions of the bronchi— and these obtain much more
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He also demonstrated a specimen of a large interparietal
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account of the danger of inducing abortion. He found it in-
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plans, tracings, drawings, estisates, specif loatic-ns and other
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effusion of serum has occurred into the thoracic cavity. If the
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