favoring dailies. It calls the event a "conspicuous in-
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we may profitably seek to cope directly with the vertigo
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greatly thickened and roughened, so much so that it resembled
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Gairdner, that " the dyspnoea o{ pure pneumonia is a mere accele-
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diffusion, by segregation of all afiected animals and the employ-
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pain, and as a rule extreme pain is not of lon^. duralbn Tf f
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The excess of syntonin was not connected with an excess
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from her husband in later years owing to his dissolute life.
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Strumou3 abscesses in sheep, or the conditions which lead to
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in paehj'ineningitis heniorrliagica, and some of the tubercles in
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Other four gentlemen inoculated themselves without infection
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into haraess upon a very hot day, and ftriven slowly for a dis-
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was mentioned. The journals, medical and lay. which touched
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per cent, and 7 per cent., and the recoveries run between
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! and also with respect to the terms and conditions of each such
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second to a description of Special Diseases other than Sur-ncal
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look on the statistics of diabetes, we find that merchants,
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It is useless at best, and if repeated seems to ipfluence
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closest marks of analogy with tubercle, not only in its anatomy,
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work favorably in influenzal pneumonia and in the pneumo-
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— (see Death hy Suffocation) — which contract, and prevent, as it
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Treatment of Hemorrhoids. U. — The surgical
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passage of the fajces, is always a marked sign, not that there is
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throughout the season, and, in addition to an abundance of grass,
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has been gradually increasing for a lengthened period. The
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actively treated, and stimulants, such as whisky, bmndy or
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Corrosion Preparations : Ibid.. 1891, csxiv, 475-477.
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07 Conservatism in Pelvic Suppuration. John O. Polak.
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condition is uunatur. w ^ ^ '"""^'^''^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^es, the
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did not cease to exist when he found that sprays did not
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Dr. M. Herzog, in closing, said that he did not claim that
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prompt eflect. I have given 25 to>30 grains a day. There has
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shares in the general benefit that follows. A local reaction
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him further." Keyes and Chetwood, Belfield, Lydston, Chis-
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medical officers stationed in various parts of the world
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I wish to cite a few examples of cases treated in this
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sometimes great dulness, with drooping of the ears, sometimes
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