of organs are in like manner affected. The first group is divided

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a cause which will not expend itself until a certain period, and

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previous pericarditis, and by others to attrition from rubbin'

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about; bellows, groans, and strains violently; very shortly the

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middle life. It develops slowly, often insidiously, and

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gres°s of the malady, during which the breathing is not only

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mune to gonorrhea. I have known a man to cohabit with a

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duces pathologic physiology, pathologic anatomy and semei-

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i/^M^'0'^:v^:^^!:-f^^^^ ^^^^ obviously offcct'-both the- character. . -.

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cerebrospinal membranes in the human subject, for the most

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view-point or with exhausting the possibilities of its

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■ent on special nerves going to those fibers. Lewinski ar-

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the fluid be purulent or too thick to flow through the cannula

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killfed the sixth day, before the embryo had become attached

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monest type. Excepting in cases of injury, it is perfectly harm-

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not avail. It was after several complete failures that

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incised. In the last animal a portion of the mucosa

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Case 1. — Supraeondyloid fracture of rijrlit humerus.

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pleurisy, simply as a result of such exercise causing rupture of

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pathologists. A delhiition of disease can only be arrived at by

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adequate heating, lighting, cooking and plumbing facilities.

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According to custom she was buried the same evening ; but the

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a series of industries arranged in order of the purit.v of the air

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19. Albuminous Nutrition. — Bernheim's article is largely

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mitis coming on after a panophthalmitis which had followed a

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flesh for first month, then remained in perfect health until

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treated for years for dyspepsia, and had become an expert with

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tissue for some distance may bo more or loss healtliy, until another

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organ, or on one system of organs ; while other poisons extend

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already come to the conclusion that the amount of blood-iron in

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both these conditions. A respiratory stimulant as well

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first loss is the better " ' ^''^'''''^ ^' ^i^^rhoea. the

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esportazione della vesica e della prostata. Roll, della Soc. tra i

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rotations, but without manifest effect. Since this first

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whose vitality has been lowered by previous morbid changes,

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a suitable soil, and that tl y he 1'' ?• ^ '' "" ^^'^"° "^'^"'^'^

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but they are separate and distinct from real vertigo.

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When one or at most two drops have been injected. After the

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their operation is explained by the fact that in inflammations,