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men who advocated the " counter-irritation " theory, were under

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the kidneys, the spinal cord, &c. &c. ; for were it thus, according

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veracity and judgment, declared that, during moder-

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glomerate Pustular Perifolliculitis"; Unna an "Ulery-

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cases nevertheless, in which those remedies, empirically

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neighborhood iraprovement, with special consideration for

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ordinance passed by the city council, and he believes there was

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the urine from causing irritation, and this may be accom-

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irritation, but little treatment, beyond warm fomentation, to

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lung structure emphysematous from the evolution of foetid gases.


absorbed or the susceptibility of tlie subject, are the symptoms

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in one case. Subnormal temperature was frequent dur-

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, auto route of sorae importance, especially during' rusV.

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Lawson attributes to a cause or influence which, from its extent

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In educating the public the medical profession can sometimes

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'.i^' ^i p. i^Avi;,' system and surface streets loading . to, -and from the

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ing. About Jan. 1, 1899, the diagnosis of cancer was

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and will perhaps commence to feed ; then fall asleep, with its

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objects because of disease of the sensory nerves or tracts in the

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functions or responsibilities in the review or approval of the

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hearing for conversational or whispered speech; for the

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only, repeated bleedings being condemned by Dr. Fox as "a

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ruarv 26, and is under the charge of Drs. F,. V. Hardwick and

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able to interfere with perfectly legitimate work, as in

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slaughtered whilst apparently in the best of health.

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to this. He says — " The first case which I treated, the animal

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I'ounding fluids, unless the phagocytes succeed in devour-

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malarial fever with slow convalescence. She had abilmniiuil

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To consolidate the atreet system so as to provide more

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tage, and there is no such objection to an aloetic purge as in

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their removal from the diseased animal. Thmr poi«nnous pro

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tion that the paralysis resulted from the pressure of an exudate

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ities of e-.cisting, new ramps, elevated roadways 5 etc.

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111. Stereoagnosis. — Two eases are reported by Burr, whose

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sequent loss of the deep reflexes of the lower extremities ;

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cian, and that the secretary of the State Board of Health must

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hind liTTil. ->,-,>], 1 IV ^'"°^^ weakness of one

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duriuc inspiration by clutinous or inspissated mucus. This

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rotations, but without manifest effect. Since this first

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actions to construct any of tbe imprQvements s^ forth in para-

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• In Mr. GaiTKee's book it says very nearly 10 (19'89) per cent. ; the figure 10

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but used piiocarpin, the active principle of jaborandi, instead

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hours. One month after the operation he did not seem so well,

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the first eventuality — that in which vertigo is produced

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(c) BRA shall be named as one of the obligees of any

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often appear ; in some instances pain and stiffness in the joints

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and re >i o its previous c-nndition during the relaxation of

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kidneys were al^o enlarged, very solid, pale, and translucent

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forty a day. The patient was a city salesman, and his business

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to the question as to the percentage of pelvic inflanunation

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eyeball, resulting in obliterating hyphema, may or may not

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functions of that organ. I have repeatedly observed instances

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