intestines. . . . This tube is closed with a Murphy button,
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that some clippings from yew trees had been thrown into the
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rabbit, the res,, ™ "^,7 ,1T, ' ?"'' "i^' """ "' "
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with Dr. Marcus R. Peek, Colville, president, and Dr. Matthew
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to me on Sept. 18, 1897, with a lacerated wound of the
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Alcoliol has a twofold effect on the nervous system,
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of the fluid through the uterus. Peritoneal adhesions, henm
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dark-coloured hay or clover, the fucus will be dark-coloured
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increased, and, owing perhaps to some local but uri.I( nou-
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Bfome Finance Agency. Any delay by MTA caused by BRA's not having
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was accipted. A posterior opening was first made and then
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to be resorted to, in or <3r to relieve the pressure on the pul-
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he animal to ick the walls and grind its teeth, with sourness
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the positive pole, or when both poles were of the same
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as fatty degeneration of the heart, pericarditis, atheroma and
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and offensive. The animal rises with difficulty, and rolls from
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termination of the refraction at both times, would go
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v;hich are in harmony with the Plan. All such proposals will be
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pigment in the urine and feces, as demonstrated by the spec-
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If the presence of water in excess continues beyond a short
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the leviotdale Farmers' Club, who at his instigation had made
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continued for smne time, it will be seen that it can intermit the
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on the same subject and had conducted a series of experiments
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whilst in the last three months it is so increased as to average 4.
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solution of arsenious acid, beginning with two grains
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tion daily, we can not but see that the use of large doses,
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Ohio : Cincinnati, March 2-9, 2 cases : Cleveland, March 2-9.
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a very much more dangerous parasite than taenia sa-
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aim to get at the probable sources of infection. Such laws
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at West Point. N. V.. to examine candidates for admission to the
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ure to treat such patients. They look happier, they feel
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to me, for unlike them its effects are not arrested by
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off in patches, symptoms of fever manifest themselves, a cough
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or other person authorized to solemnize marriages shall
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in their physical character presented no appreciable peculiarity.
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came on, with diarrhoea of a copious brown liquid containing