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such as old age, bad food, over-work, exhausting diseasf^s, and

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chronic arthritis of the knee, for example, had been treated

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right manner, as detailed before the Associ.\Tioy two

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employed as an easy, though indirect, test of peptic

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The Fairfield Hospital Association has named as members

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3. Height: not to be less than 45' or more than 75' above

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Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. By Charles W. Cathcart, F.E.C.S.

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A French physician published a book in two volumes in which

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slighl a deviation in the oxidation of tissue may cause its for-

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circumcision ? We might stretch a point in this regard

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George \V. Adair, major and surgeon. I'. S. A., leave of absence

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M. Sig.: One teaspoonful in a wine glass of ice water three

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74 'A Consideration of the Different Operative Procedures in the

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1000 of posterior urethritis. Bona says: "The majority of

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pital, had seen nothing like this. He said he had met at least

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streets designed vjith adequate capacity to serve anticipated

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kidneys slightly adherent. Left kidney showed a few yellow-

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ing in intensity to the twelfth rib, where it is superseded by the

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reduced the mass and was pushed with it up the rectum

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or fourth day mycelia, with spores in their centre or covering

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urinary bladder for example. I presume it is on this account

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contain much residual air, the thoracic walls are more resonant

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spores, only the periphery of which took the stain."'

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brown, finely gritty, and much resembled a deposit of uric acid.

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16. Interest cf Contractor . Tho Contractor covftijuiv'^c ■'^hat hs presently