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mentioned, because if the members of the profession at large

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grinds its teeth, arches the back, and draws its legs to-ether

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whom I had shown the specimens. At a in figures 20 and 21

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body is active; in the second it is not called upon.

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lips were bright red in all eases. The patients awoke rapidl>

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considerable activity of research, and clearer views are

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chloroform. The committee was not able to give any conclu-

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does not differ from that of other genito-urinary special-

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cells or lacunae are often found in the calcareous substance; they

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As mentioned earlier in this paper, catarrhal deafness

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along tlie lymphatics towards the root of the lung, following the

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that honey-dew has been supposed to cause aphthous and other

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2Veatment. — This is a very simple matter if adopted in time,

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tions of the Eustachian tube. To be more explicit, I

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serious reflex conditions. I believe that my experience

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dependent on the catanienia! periods and uterine functions. It

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current oh until the patient is sensible of it you will not be

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epithelium very similar to that of the' serous cavities. The

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of pelvic inflammatory diseases and sterility in women is

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knee. On physical examination he found marked tenderness

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tomy was performed upon a man 67 years old. At the time

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A. C. Denson, 263 TJnlon St., Memphis. Tenn., to Fountain

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