anj^sounds were made, and closure of the eyel when any object
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for sixteen years in Pasadena, Cal., He published some of the
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The slow pnlse-pulms tardus~ov, as it is termed by Dr
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IS reflected to the pulmonary branches of the same'' nerves
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so highly, few would be able to give a satisfaeftory answer. He
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10. Ameba Coli. — The following. Craig claims, have been
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cultural method of obtaining the specific remedy destined to
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not vever, to be neglected, so long as the breathing remains
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tn Health and Disease.) I have never witnessed tliis effect of
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measure, and the session is now near its close. The pro-
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Turbid Tnd full of tiny microbes, shaped like the figure 8 but oft n
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below Poupart's ligament was found to be a femoral hernia,
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preputial fold in those who have been circumcised and
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greatly from congestive diseases. In May and June 1867 this
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college journal, facilities for attendance at affiliated hospitals,
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I have observed, the spasms and convulsions have been succeeded
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larged. The ulcers would come and disappear again after treat-
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that the animals had become immune to the colon bacilli.
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the arterial system is not without its influence on the cha>ncter
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nf the woman is to be traced to the husband's gonorrhea.''
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especially that of the surface of the body, causes internal con-
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concentrated and most active form in the discharges which
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statute books of at least one eastern state, and the ex-
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the gastric hemorrhagic ulcerations of pneumoeoccus toxi-
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probablv not transmitted from animal? to man the car-
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i>jlth the vjesteriy sideline of Blaokstone Street;
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emphysema is seen in chronic broken wind, and is due as
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subsequent recrudescence of the disease upon the back
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traumatism is exerted upon the latter and the unaffected
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funnels, filter papers, cotton plugs and a small porcelain
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prefer to use lymph freshly obtained,^ and on no consideration use it
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State Housing Board, Division of Urban and Industrial Renewal on
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to raise the patient, and put it into a comfortable sling, or if
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Bacteriologic and microscopic examinations showed findings
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WHEREAS, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (herein-
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material upon its proper substance, whereby secondary atrophic
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have afterwards thriven and bt ome fit for the butcher.
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especially that of the surface of the body, causes internal con-