pleural surface as well as the lung structure is nvolTed T e

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cause the sulphur to precipitate, such as acetic acid,

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at work. The individual may become highly protected

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Such cases, consequently, present signs and symptoms

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much alteration for better or worse for some days. This con-

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Calcnrems drr/encration or calcification is an advanced stage

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studies, I am sorry to say now, were never published, but left

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nostrils and nasal passages. It never seems to interiere witli

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liable. Therefore, after direct examination of the open

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ance ot his commission as brigadier-general. U. S. Army.

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new occupants were protected with gloves and hoods, but none

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testinal tract. A supplementary object was to simplify

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ating." In elucidating his method of uvulotomy, he said that

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Dr, George Lesser, who refcrn^d the patient to me, lirst saw

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'ZU auscultation is seldom practised. Auscultation, dis-

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against the use of alcohol, but to bring to your notice

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tabulation of employees, visitors, and parking spaces antici-

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flrst Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, held at

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Ultimately, the differential characters of the species

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lycopodium bears the same relations to fluids with a

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larvngo-traclieitis caused her so much distress on account of

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Patrick's expression of his own skepticism as to the existence

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The patient "complained some months ago of severe pains in

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causing temporary increase in the anteroposterior axis

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this kind as perfect, and it would be unwise to give a decided

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In forty-three cases observed by M. St. Cyr, the effusion

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thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. The best and cheapest

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8,760 sq. ft. (see Disposition Parcel May, R-35-216) was not

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any disability on the individual ; on the contrary, the

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municated in comparatively modern times from horses to man.

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we inflate the middle ear through the catheter we create nor-

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made. Healing occurred rapidly, with the exception of a small

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black solid scabs or crusts form upon the surfaces. Some of

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of an electromagnet, having upon its armatiirc a pen to

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low forms of veleteble bfe onf *l,''PP'""-'"'«o »>»=" i" manv

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caused in many healtliy horses by want of exercise. Indeed, a

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Parking Garege in Parcel 4, and the 1120 off-street