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The legislature has been asked for an appropriation of
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head Professor Brown is very clear and distinct. Ho says—
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and interlobular emphysema may be induced. Various other
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regarded as specific. The patient stoutly denied the existence
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disease can be created by the cultivation of these molecules of
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if they have recently recovered from this disease. It may be
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high as 110°, sometimes as low as 92"; small and very frequent
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de Warker has always found the duration of the disease short
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&c. ; called by the Germans lungen saiche and pcri-pneimonia
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already made in the circumference of the outer cylinder was
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tests vary considerably, owing to the condition of the middh-
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culum in the vagina. He dwelt upon the difficulties with which
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first to suffer from influenza. In them it commits its greatest
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of endothelial cells, while pneumoeoccus pleurisy is character-
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First of all we must consider the influence of highly
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ruary 16, in a man of 55, for carcinoma. The larjTix was re ^
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six or seven days Zal'l .Citj f ''''' ^'"' '"°*^^^^^ ^«^
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in to get and keep the surface circulation up to a normal
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parturient apoplexy, in cattle it is marktd by Ihe developme
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case of contracting poworfii"y to attain the same end, during
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sanity. Kast's patient showed no signs of mental deficiency.
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ture containing several of the organic substances and a consid-
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will be made available for redevelopment as stipulated in Chapter III,
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be in; detail sufficient to enable BRA to determine t^e price agreed
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iS Causation and Treatment of Constipation in Children. John
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absorption of the altered or degener.itud exudates of pleuro-
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Fate of Insoluble Substances After Subcutaneous lujec
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traces of the malady had disappeared and the parts had
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2800 diameters ; that is to say, it may exist in a definite form
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■of the Pharmacopeia, at its last meeting, needed some light.
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letai y of the Treasury, to designate and mark out the boun-
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seats or localities of disease : Ath. Nosology— its division and
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and exposing the intestinal mucous membrane of a deep red
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weeks or ev , months. The wound inflicted by the rabid
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cars serving the Scollay Station and thereby will permit
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this theory, for it is the only one which explains to me
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the supply of blood to the cord, and keep the general circulation
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the Author that another edition has been already called for.°